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Brass Candle Holder

This wall sconce comes with brass hanging nail. Medieval chic. Mid-century monastery. Scandinavian black out. Electricity is gauche

How to put your taper on your new candle holder - warm up the base of your candle by soaking it in some warm to hot-ish water for a minute. This will soften the wax enough that you can push the taper into the holder without chipping or breaking the bottom.

About Fredericks and Mae

Fredericks & Mae is a design studio reveling in the art of the gift. They are committed to bringing objects into the world that prompt wide eyes, inexplicable delight, and full body chills. A well chosen gift can be a bolt of connection - a beacon that reminds us of our relationships. We are ever-vigilant for the commodification of joy and the dangers of material accumulation - but love to surround ourselves with a few well chosen beautiful things. Every mantle is an altar, each shelf a shrine, a coffee table a collection of things that tell a story about where we come from and where we want to go. 

Fredericks & Mae is helmed by Gabriel Fredericks Cohen and Jolie Mae Signorile. The two met through a shared love of materials. Fredericks & Mae started in the piles of feathers, thread, gold and paper that filled their first studio in 2007.