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Minora Majora Screen Printed Postcard

From the artist: “In a world of instant gratification, rarely do we slow down to consider our feelings with intentionality and honesty. Our affections are stripped down to emojis, likes, and reacts. My goal as an artist is to produce work that invites participants to engage in a meaningful expression of their feelings. I hope these cards bring you connection and closeness with the ones you love.”

  • Materials: Paper & Ink
  • Dimensions: Approximately 4X6
  • Artist/Designer: Shelby Giertz

About Shelby Giertz

Shelby Giertz is a Kansas City based artist exploring intimacy through hand made cards. The cards are created in small runs; designed, cut, prepped, and printed in their home studio. Each card is a unique individual, considered with care and affection from start to finish. 

To connect with Shelby or view more of their work, you can follow them on Instagram @minora__majora