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Lamina Dangle Earrings

Thin, hand sculpted forms of brass with organic tears, textures, and bends. Reminiscent of splintered rock or peeling bark, these dangle studs have so much movement and life.

Every earring may be cast from the same mold, but no 2 will be identical. Please expect slight variations in texture and form from those pictured.

  • Sold individually
  • Hand sculpted wax cast
  • Materials: Brass with sterling silver post and clutch backings
  • Dimensions: Measures about 1.5” long
  • Brand: Oxbow Studio

A note on brass: Brass oxidizes faster than other metals. Some people like the look of aged brass, but if you want to keep a high shine, periodic polishing is recommended!

About Oxbow Studio

Recently, they have began working with the lost wax process, an ancient technique of creating molds in wax, then casting in various metals. Their approach is very sculptural, embracing the organic shapes, tool marks, and finger prints they create in the warm wax that are then forever captured in metal. Alycia's idea of perfection embraces imperfection, and retaining traces of the artist’s hand are important to them. This approach results in modern pieces with an ancient feel that they hope you love just as mush as they do.